Do you make satin ribbons?

In a couple of words, absolutely YES!  In fact, here at Waterloo Engraving, because we’re associated with Artals Promotions and Truprint Printing, there isn’t much we don’t do.  We’re a lot like a one-stop-shop for all of your engraving, printing, and promotional marketing materials.

What sizes of ribbons do you create?

All of our ribbons are generally 2″ wide, and go in lengths between 3″ and 13″.  Most standard ribbons are 2″ x 6″ in size.

Be sure to see the “Ribbons 101” below for more details.

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Ribbons 101

What are satin ribbons?

Satin ribbons are primarily used in sports events like Track and Field, Swimming, Running, and school events like Home Reading programs.  They’re also used in other professional shows like dog and cat shows, equestrian shows, and anywhere where you need a fabulous, cost effective, way of recognizing and rewarding someone.

How much does it cost for satin ribbons?

By volume, they’re relatively inexpensive, we sell them in bundles of 100’s for under $30 a bundle, for a standard 2″ x 6″ size ribbon.  There’s also a magnesium die cost as well, which is needed to make the ribbons.  The cost of the magnesium dies depends on the size of the ribbon you’d like to create, and needs to be done upon your first order.  On subsequent orders, we can simply reuse the die again for the next run, so there is no die charge on repeat orders.

Do you also do rosettes?

Absolutely, yes!  They’re custom made to order based on size and length.  So, please contact us for a quote on rosettes.

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