Metal Engraving

How Easy Is It To Engrave Metal?

In a couple of words…not too difficult, depending on the metal, and if it’s been coated or not. Please, let us explain.

If what you’re looking to engrave is made out of metal and it has a painted finish (such as laptops, cell phones, or aluminum water bottles) then, then we’re off to the races, it’s pretty easy.

If you’re working with a metal that’s uncoated (like stainless steel water bottles, and tags) then it’s a different process, and it’s a lot more expensive. With uncoated metal products we have to coat the metal in something called Cerdec, and it’s this Cerdec that gets embedded into the metal at the molecular level as we do the engraving. What makes it much more expensive, it the cost of Cerdec – it comes to us in the size of a pop-can, at the low low price of $250 (OUR cost). Here’s a few samples of some metal pieces that have been laser engraved.

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