What’s a lamacoid?

A “lamacoid” is (in everyday people terms) a fancy word for a plastic or metal tag, typically used in the manufacturing or construction industry.  Usually they’re made out of two colour acrylic, anodized aluminum, or stainless steel.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are typically always built according to spec.

Are there regulations required for certain lamacoids?

In some cases, yes, in others no, kind of like building signage that requires AODA compliance, but not to the same extreme.  Generally speaking, most lamacoids follow similar styles – in that the font is always something really easy to read like Ariel or a Tahoma Font, no less than an 8pt font, and an easy to read layout.

Be sure to see the “Lamacoids 101” below for more details.

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Lamacoids 101

What’s your turn around time on lamacoids?

For the most part, our standard turn around time on engraving jobs is 5 business days, but we do like to try and keep our commercial clients to 2 to 3 business days when we can.  If you have an urgent need for lamacoids, contact us right away as we do offer same day, and next day, service provided you’re looking for acrylic or anodized aluminum lamacoids.  If you’re looking for stainless steel lamacoids, please be aware that they are always a custom order product and we usually need upwards to 2 weeks to produce them.

Who builds the specifications for lamacoids?

Well, there’s two answers to that question, either you can provide full print-ready vector artwork that’s ready to go, or we can build the artwork for you.

Is there a size limit to what lamacoids can be engraved?

Yes, there’s actually two limits, the first being a size limit, the second being a weight limit.  We can’t put anything on the laser that weights more than 50 pounds, so if you’ve got a lamacoid that needs to be put on the side of a building, perhaps we might want to look at a sign solution for you.  From there, our laser bed size is 32″ x 20″ but we do have a pass through that can be utilized.  Please contact us if you have any oversize requirements.

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