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How Easy Is It To Engrave Clothing?

In a few words…it’s pretty tricky actually, it’s a relatively new idea and you REALLY have to be careful when you’re doing it. What you’re doing is burning away material, too much power in the laser and you’ll go right through, not enough power and you won’t see anything.

It also depends on the material itself – some material acts like your hair on fire (have you SEEN how much hair Dan has??), and it shrivels up like the green witch in The Wizard of Oz (I’m meeeelting!!). So, if it’s something you want to do, we recommend going with something that’s got some beef to it and isn’t too dainty. Here’s a few samples of clothing pieces that have been laser engraved.

But having said that…

Got a piece of clothing that you are thinking about getting engraved??  Well, to be honest, we’re very likely to try and talk you out of it, because embroidery or screen printing is really the best way to go (and yeah, we do that too ;).  From there, if you’re looking for clothing be sure to checkout our Clothing and Apparel Database (from Artals Promotions) for some options.

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Please feel free to contact us today!!  Honestly, you are really better off with clothing that’s been embroidered or screen printed though …oh, and yes, we do that too ;)…