Acrylic / Plastic Engraving

Can you engrave acrylic and plastic materials?

Well, that’s a trick question actually, because the answer is both “yes” and “no”.  We can laser engrave “laserable plastic” which is used in sign making, plates on awards and trophies, memorial plaques, annual plaques, keepers, and more.  We can also laser clear acrylic, and solid coloured acrylic.  When it comes to plastic products, like a plastic water bottle, then that’s a type of plastic we can’t do, simply because it’s too soft and it will simply melt in the laser.

Can you bring your own acrylic for engraving, or do you have to buy from us?

We’re happy to work with you on your special project, either way.  If you’d like to bring in something of yours we’ll happily take a look to see how easy or challenging it could be, but if you’ve got an idea and would like us to source it for you, we’ve got lots of suppliers and can source something for you.

Be sure to see the “Acrylic / Plastic Engraving 101” below for more details.

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Acrylic / Plastic Engraving 101

How does laser engraving on acrylic / plastics work?

If you think of an onion, what we’re basically doing is peeling away layers of existing material.  We’re not adding to the acrylic at all (like the way a laser inkjet printer adds ink to paper), what we’re doing is lasering out plastic particles through a burning process with the laser.  It’s physically removing the acrylic itself, so what we engrave will NEVER come out, it’s permanently there.

Is there a size limit to what acrylic can be engraved?

Yes, there’s actually two limits, the first being a size limit, the second being a weight limit.  We can’t put anything on the laser that weights more than 50 pounds, so if you’ve got a solid 40 foot plastic statue you would like engraved, I’m afraid we can’t do that.  From there, our laser bed size is 32″ x 20″ but we do have a pass through that can be utilized.  So, suppose you have an 8 foot sign would like done (which we have done – and it’s WAY shorter than 40 feet), so long as it’s not any wider than 32″, we should be able to do it.  Please contact us if you have an oversize piece of acrylics.

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