Screen Printing

Screen Printing …aka… Silk Screening

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Welcome to an easy and stress free screen printing experience. We are proud to say we’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we take great pride in providing every customer with service above and beyond industry standards. Get your screen printing done with us, and we guarantee that you’ll never look anywhere else for your apparel needs.


Pricing and Minimum Orders with Screen Printing

Due to the costs of the chemicals and paints involved in screen printing, there is a minimum order requirement of 12 pieces. If you want to mix and match what those pieces are (ie. men’s vs women’s style, different sizes, a mix of t-shirts and hoodies) that’s perfectly fine, so long as we’re using the same artwork across all of the pieces. If you want less than 12 items, we can certainly do that for you, but the per-piece cost will be slightly more expensive.

How does pricing work for screen printing?

Pricing for screen printing is based on the number of colours being screened, the number of locations, and the total number of pieces being screened.

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Do You Sell Clothing and Apparel?

Funny you should ask😉 …of course we do! Just checkout our Clothing Engraving page for more information!

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