Laser Engraving Photographs and Pictures

A Little History About Our Engraving Services

At the heart of our company is the service that started it all over 20 years ago – laser engraving! Over those years you’d be surprised at what we’ve engraved, pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Well, wait, actually that’s not true, we have engraved a kitchen sink (or two) over the years! Other interesting items we’ve engraved include baseball bats, canoe paddles, cheese boards, figurines, leather belts, baseball gloves, cookware, butcher blocks, chairs, small tables, toilet seats (yes, if you can believe it), cell phones, laptops, and speakers. You name it, we’ve probably seen it, and if we haven’t seen it then we encourage you to bring it in …because we love a good challenge!

How Easy Is It To Engrave Photos and Pictures?

In a few words…a little tricky sometimes, it just depends on the photo / picture itself. It depends on if the photo is over exposed, if it has a lot of light or dark colours in it, proper shading, and the setting of where its been taken. Think of a wedding couple on a beach – the lovely lady in white, and the man in his tux – usually the first time we do a test you can see the gentleman’s tux (presuming it’s black) and the ladies hands and face, but her body disappears (because it’s a white dress in a sun setting) so it looks like she’s just floating in the air.

So, it takes a little tweaking of your photo in our graphics software, but with just the right touch you can do some amazing things. Here’s a few samples of photographs and pictures that have been laser engraved:

laser engraving photos 5

laser engraving photos 3

Impressive laser engraving on acrylic

laser engraving photos

laser engraving photos 4

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