Embroidery Services

What Is Embroidery?

Think of a sewing machine, a REALLY BIG sewing machine, that stitches (aka sews) pictures, logos, text, names, signs, symbols (pretty much anything you can think of) onto a piece of fabric. That “fabric” could be just about anything – a tshirt, polo shirt, jacket, hat, toque, hoody, golf bag, duffle bag, house coat, PJ’s, socks, underwear (presuming they’re new…), just to name a few.

Is There a Minimum Order with Embroidery?

Yes, 1 …just 1… and it doesn’t matter if you have your item you want embroidered, or if you’d like to purchase something through us. We have 3 different embroidery machines – 1 six-head (which means, we stitch 6 items at the same time, using the same logo), and 2 single-heads, which gives us the ability to meet both large and small demands.

What is the Cost?

Pricing for embroidery is based on total number of stitches required per piece, and the number of pieces that you need embroidered. In order to determine the number of stitches you need to have your logo “digitized” first …which is a very specific file format that tells the embroidery equipment what to stitch, using what colour of thread, in what order, in what direction.

If you’ve had embroidery done before, then you’ve got a digitized logo. If you haven’t, then we can do the digitizing for you for a one-time fee.


Do You Sell Clothing and Apparel?

Funny you should ask😉 …of course we do! Just checkout our Clothing Engraving page for more information!

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