Our Traditional Catalogues and Online Databases

Here in our catalogue section, we have a number of things for you to peruse through.

Firstly, we have some traditional print-ready catalogues that come straight from our manufacturers.  If you’d like a hard copy of these catalogues we normally keep them in stock so all you have to do is come into our showroom and pick one up.  Many of the items you see under our “Our Products” section, can be found within these catalogues.

Secondly, we have a few online databases that encompass our main line of clothing & apparel, along with a couple of our promotional products databases.

Just click on a link below (any title or phrase that’s underlined is a link), and a new window will appear in your browser.

Traditional Print Catalogues

Ariel Premium

All sorts of promotional product goodies here!  Ariel’s signature Edge line, Pedometers, Hot and Cold Packs, Health Items, Bags, Lights and Tools, Travel Items, Automotive Accessories, Home, Technology, Desk Items …and the ALL IMPORTANT…stress relievers!!!

Awards of Distinction

Awards, Acrylics, Clocks, Crystal, Glass, Executive Gifts, Medals & Medallions, Pens, Plaques, Resins, Ribbons, Sports Items, Trophies

Awards & Recognition

Awards, Acrylics, Clocks, Glass, Medals & Medallions, Pens, Plaques, Resins, Ribbons, Sports Items, Trophies

Ovation – Corporate Retail Awards

Trophies,  Cups, Resins and Medals

Recognizing Success – Trophy Retail Awards

Recognition Awards and Corporate Gifts

Five Star Recognition

Awards, Acrylics, Clocks, Crystal, Glass, Executive Gifts, Plaques, Sports Items

Christmas Cards

It’s the festive season, and what better way to spread the cheer than by a good old-fashioned Christmas card!!  Christmas in July anyone??


Online Databases

These are all branded with our parent companies logos Artals Promotions Inc. just so you know.  But not to worry, we’re all one big happy family here!!

Clothing & Apparel

Our main line of clothing and apparel items, but by far not the only line and available options.  Activewear, Accessories, Fleece, Headwear, Mens/Ladies/Youth Wear, Outerwear, Sports Shirts, T-Shirts, Woven Shirts, Pants and New Styles.

Promotional Products – Database 1

This is THE database to use if you can’t find anything on our website.  Here you’ll find everything from apple awards to zink etching plates …yes… everything but the kitchen sink ;).  One thing to keep in mind when you’re using this database though – products contained here can be from Canada, USA, China, and around the world.  So, if you see something you like, we’ll have to confirm the details and pricing information from our end.

Promotional Products – Database 2

Here you’ll definitely find a specialty line of items, all from Canadian Suppliers.  Here you’ll find unique lines of pens, desk accessories, journals, organizers, USB’s and many, many more.


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